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There are three primary types of labyrinth walks, each a little more structured than the previous category.

1. Open Labyrinth Walks

Open labyrinth walks are just that: individuals or groups are invited simply to walk the labyrinth as they choose. Sometimes people can be reminded that the labyrinth is a tool for prayer, reflection, contemplation, meditation, celebration, fun, problem solving, and personal growth. People may be reminded that the labyrinth often is seen as a metaphor, or a symbol, for the journey of life.


2. Themed or Focused Labyrinth Walks

Themed, or focused labyrinth walks go a step beyond open labyrinth walks in providing suggested structure for walks. Usually a themed or focused walk will provide some suggested material to read where the labyrinth is located. This could be as simple as providing some meditations before beginning the walk.


3. Finger Labyrinths

Let go of any thinking that dismisses the finger labyrinth as less “real” than a full-scale, walking mode. Tracing the labyrinth offers many of the same gifts as walking, with several added advantages and possibilities.


Finger labyrinths are portable, accessible, and ready for use 24 hours a day, regardless of distance, location, weather, or health/mobility issues. All that is needed is an expectant spirit and an open heart.

Walking a “finger” labyrinth is very simple. There is no right or wrong way to “walk.” Click on one of the following links to download a printable labyrinth, then use the guide below to get started:

Finger walking.png

There are a variety of free printable finger labyrinths or inexpensive handheld labyrinths available:


Praying with a finger labyrinth The Upper Room

Virtual Labyrinths

“Walk” a virtual labyrinth:  Virtual Labyrinth Walk - YouTube

If you would like an interactive hand labyrinth available for iPads and iPhones - look for an app called Labyrinth Journey by Mount is free to download. - Home of the Labyrinth movement is hosting a virtual labyrinth walk and meditation each Friday in April at 4 pm. Register here:

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