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Rev. Stephen Hagerty

Associate Rector for Discipleship

Will you continue in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of the bread, and in the prayers?— The Book of Common Prayer, p 304

St. John's Adult Faith Formation program offers many pathways to spiritual growth. Through focused study and reflection, we build the foundation needed to apply both scripture, reason, and tradition to our faith today.  For those who come to this congregation from other traditions, fear not. St. John’s has many people who come from backgrounds other than the Episcopal Church. So, whether you are a “cradle Episcopalian" or a former member of another denomination, or no denomination at all, we are confident you will feel welcome in any of our classes.  Spiritual Formation is about the whole person--body and mind--with the goal of seeking and serving Christ. For some, this is done through study, and others through service; whatever the path you take, St. John's can assist.  Spiritual Formation is more than knowing about or even knowing God — it is about being known by God.  We welcome you here at St. John's to be met by God, who already knows you and loves you!   


Lectionary Bible Study: Sundays, 8:00-9:00 a.m., Parish Life Center Conference Room (lower level) and Zoom
Join Bruno Reich for a Bible Study based on the readings you will hear in church. Deepen your spiritual connection by understanding and discussing the background and meaning behind these readings. Email to get the Zoom connection and to receive Bible study notes.

Thursday Night Bible Study: 6:15-7:30 p.m., Zoom

St. John's offers a variety of bible studies focusing on both the Old and New Testament, as well as non-canonical books (e.g., The Gospel of Thomas & the Apocrypha). Because we want everyone to engage scripture in a relaxed environment, we invite you to attend as you are able (there is no requirement to attend all sessions, though we would love for you to do so!) and there is no prep work required. All questions are welcome and honored, and no prior scripture knowledge is needed (though you will gain some if you attend for sure!). Please contact Rev. Stephen at for Zoom log-in (or call-in) information.

Women's Bible Study: Thursdays, 10:00-11:15 a.m., Zoom

Be part of study and prayer in community with women from across the generations. Contact: Teri Salmons and Lucia Martin at for Zoom log-in and/or more information.


Small Groups: Various Times, Zoom

At St. John's we strive to be a church of small groups rather than a church with small groups. These are gatherings of no more than 8 people, typically meeting every week for 60 minutes. Given all that is happening in the wider world, these groups are more important than ever. Gathering via Zoom allows us to continue to be present with each other, explore our spiritual journeys, be open to scripture, and offer pastoral counsel to each other without interruption. The next sessions are will begin the first week of October 2021 with the theme of "Spiritual Autobiography & Holy Listening."

To learn more or to join a group, contact Rev. Stephen at or by phone at 410-461-7793, ext. 351. 

Annual Men's & Women's Retreats

Sacred time set aside to honor our spiritual journeys through meditation, fellowship, prayer, and worship.

Women’s Retreat: TBA 2022

Women's Contact: Lucia Martin at

Men's Retreat: November 5–7, 2021  More information

Men's Contact: Ken Wireman at

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The John L. Rabb Lectures in Contemporary Theology: Sat., Oct. 30, 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Details

Created from a legacy gift for the purpose of having key people in theological and church leadership make presentations and lead round-table discussions for our church and the community at large, generally twice a year. Please contact us if you are interested in making a contribution to ensure these offerings continue. Contact: Sally Goss at

Education for Ministry

Education for Ministry, or EfM, is a 4-year theological education program for lay persons seeking a more in-depth study of scripture, theology, and church history. Each weekly seminar includes Bible study, theological reflection, and worship. Participants commit one year at a time. A new class is forming for Fall 2021. Contact Clare Brooks at

Spiritual Direction

Both doubt and mystical experience can be equally unnerving. Spiritual direction is one of the skills in which the clergy have been trained to help explore these experiences (and many others in-between!). Spiritual Direction differs from therapy in that our primary focus is on learning more about God’s relationship with you and bringing this to light. This focus differs from psychotherapy, where the focus on learning more about relationship with others or yourself. Individual direction and recommendations for resource materials are available at any time, particularly when one has reached a crisis point in his or her relationship with God.  Please reach out directly to a clergy person with further questions or concerns, or to set up an appointment.