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What is Stewardship? 

Stewardship is first a spiritual practice and it also affects our ministries at St. John's, since the mission of the church including day-to-day operations are funded by a financial commitment from all our members.   Member support through an annual gift or pledge allows the Vestry to budget for all that St. John's offers the community, including Worship and Music, Small Groups and Bible Study, Parent and Youth Programs, Outreach, Pastoral Care, Mental Health Ministry, Walking the Mourner’s Path and many intangibles that cannot be measured. We pray that 2023 will be a year of renewed financial vitality, as each member evaluates how to give God the first fruits of our labor.

All gifts are gifts to God and are received in God’s name so that we can achieve our mission of “bringing all people into a closer relationship with God and each other through Jesus Christ.”


All members are encouraged to make an annual monetary gift or pledge each fall.  Our goal is to reach 100% of St. John’s member households during our annual campaign. 


St. John’s relies on your financial gifts for:

  • Worship & Music

  • Formation

  • Mission and Outreach

  • Social Justice Initiatives

  • Community Building

  • Spiritual Care

  • Care of our facilities to support our mission (including our Parish Day School)



What is a pledge?

A pledge is intended to be used as a promise to donate a specific total amount to St. John’s over the coming year.


How much should I give?

In truth, we never give back to God as much as we have been given. However, we do recommend that you start by reflecting on what God has given to you. If God has provided ample resources for you, you should offer a significant portion back to God as thanks.  St. John's fills important spiritual, community, educational, and personal needs, and we invite you to partner in our work through your generosity. A good place to start is with a percentage of your income.

How do I make a pledge or annual financial commitment?

To pledge, you will need to fill out an online pledge form. If you'd prefer, you may also download a hard copy to complete and return to the Parish Office.

How do I fulfill my pledge?

A pledge can be fulfilled through a one-time payment or multiple payments. Multiple payments can be set up in a number of ways: cash or check in an envelope in the offering basket; via set recurring payments through your bank or credit card; or a donation of stock. Whatever way works best for you! If you need help deciding or making your pledge, contact Kathy Hahn, Finance Director, at or 410-461-7793, ext. 112.

Why do I need to pledge? Why can't I just give when I can? It's all the same in God's eyes, right?

For most of us, the act of making a pledge reinforces the prayerful commitment in our minds and hearts and is an act of worship.  Each year, we ask that you consider how St. John’s makes a difference in your life or that of the community and joyfully give back a portion of what God has given to you.  Furthermore, our combined financial contributions allow our Vestry to prioritize mission initiatives through our annual budget and make sound financial decisions based on your financial commitment.  

Why Should I Tithe?

By tithing — giving ten percent of our income — we give sacrificially, meaningfully, and joyfully. If you do not tithe now, you may want to consider proportionate giving, moving toward and beyond the tithe, which provides spiritual richness, as well as opportunities to extend the mission and ministry of the church. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, we hope you consider how God has blessed you and how St. John’s has done the same through our various ministries and give accordingly. 

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