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Georgi Funderburk

Director of Youth Ministries

The Journey to Adulthood curriculum is a national ministry of spiritual formation for young people. It balances Bible study and prayer with serious and playful activities to nurture the whole person during the passage from childhood to adulthood. 


Faith is not “learned about,” but experienced through the worshiping, learning, and serving practices of a community in which the youth are nurtured. We use our weekly Scripture readings, fellowships, rites of passage, and outreach ministries to live and teach life lessons with an eye toward the young people growing into the responsibilities and ownership of an adult life of mature faith.


There are three 2-year segments of the youth program: Rite-13, J2A, and YAC (Youth in Church). The 2020-2021 church program year begins the first year of our 2-year cycle. Breakfast Club and SWAAG are two groups that have been incorporated into St. John’s program to serve the needs of 6th graders and 12th graders during alternate years. This year, our 12th graders will participate in SWAAG. Breakfast Club will be held in 2021-22 for rising 6th graders. See below for more details.

We ask all youth who register for our youth program to also complete a medical release. Please follow the green button link to the Medical Release form. Registration link(s) for the particular youth group that pertains to your child(ren) are below.

Rite-13 (Rising 6th & 7th graders)

These first two years of the program focus on celebrating the individuality of each young person and their creative potential. We celebrate a special Rite-13 liturgy in Sunday morning worship to honor each young person and mark their rite of passage from childhood to adulthood.  Rite-13 Registration


Journey to Adulthood/J2A (Rising 8th & 9th graders)

The middle portion of the program engages youth with the skills and critical thinking involved in adulthood. During this time we begin exploration and discernment regarding the youth’s decision to be confirmed, with Confirmation taking place at the end of the second year. This inner journey of discernment is accompanied by an outward journey, or pilgrimage, in the summer after the 2nd year.  J2A Registration


Youth Adults in Church/YAC (Rising 10th &11th graders)

This is a mentor-based program that helps older teens discern and carry out a ministry within the church or the larger community. Vocation and development of a personal credo are also emphasized. A final rite of passage sends them out into the world as ambassadors of Christ.   YAC Registration


Seniors with an Awesome God/SWAAG (Rising 12th graders)

12th Grade program occurring every other year when the Seniors’ older Journey to Adulthood partner-class has gone off to college or the workforce. SWAGG Registration

Breakfast Club

A program for our 6th graders “waiting in the wings” (held in odd calendar years) as they get ready to start Rite 13 the following year. One of the primary program goals is to build community. Breakfast Club returns in Fall 2021.

College Connections

College students remain connected to St. John’s with regular care packages from church and communications from a “guardian angel” (parishioner), as well as get-togethers during breaks. College Connections Registration


Youth Bible Study: Alternate Tuesdays, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

St John’s offers an “in-depth” Bible study for interested youth across the 3 programs (R13—SWAAG). This is
an in-focused look at the Bible, involving historical study, while also offering some introductory theological concepts. The group meets every two weeks. No prep required. Participants are invited to join when they
can and should feel free to attend all or some. To receive the Zoom link for this Bible Study, please contact
the Rev. Stephen Hagerty at