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Garden Labyrinth Ministry Contact:

Teri Salmons

Schedule of Labyrinth Events (TBA)

A labyrinth walk is very simple. There is no right or wrong way to walk. Every labyrinth walk is different. 

"You just begin, and the doing teaches what you need to know."  ~ Barbara Brown Taylor

This unique ministry offers a point of entry where people of various faith traditions may come to our church campus to pray or meditate. It is an opportunity to pray together, as well as an opportunity for learning and discovery.


A labyrinth is a powerful tool for prayer and meditation used by early Christians as a way to symbolically journey to the Holy Land. Walking the singular, circuitous path to and from the center of the labyrinth has a calming and centering effect on the mind, body, and spirit            


Labyrinths have been used as a spiritual tool for prayer, worship, reflection, meditation, contemplation, celebration, and spiritual growth. They offer a sacred space to quiet the mind, recover balance in life, and encourage insight, self-reflection, innovation, and stress reduction.

Mission Statement

The mission of St. John’s newest ministry, formed in September 2021, is to promote the active use of our labyrinth as a spiritual tool for prayer, reflection, contemplation, meditation, worship, celebration, and spiritual growth for our congregation and people in the wider community. Four focus areas drive the efforts of the ministry team:

  • Ministry Leadership - promotes the labyrinth as a spiritual practice

  • Education - offers meaningful events for all age groups

  • Communication - connects the ministry vision with the community

  • Labyrinth Garden Guild - ensures a serene and sacred space


Vision Statement

St. John’s Garden Labyrinth offers a serene sacred space for the congregation and for people in the wider community to have an experience of prayerful walking, as a creative tool for healing and spiritual encounter.


History of St. John’s Garden Labyrinth

Given in memory of Helen and Vernon Hoenes, St. John’s Garden Labyrinth  was dedicated in May 2010. The labyrinth was designed by Dan Law and constructed by parishioner, James Zoller. St. John’s Garden Labyrinth is a Medieval 11 Circuit Paver Labyrinth, also known as the Chartres style. People of all faiths, ages, and abilities are invited to experience our labyrinth. Unlike a maze, the labyrinth has only one path which leads to the center and out again. The purpose of a  labyrinth is not to lose your way, but to find it.

Getting Involved

Labyrinth Ministry makes available the Labyrinth as a contemplative prayer walk in a meditative setting. The Labyrinth Docents prepare the environment and are present to answer questions and/or guide interested persons. They invite, welcome, give overviews of ways to walk the Labyrinth, and answer any questions. Training is provided for anyone interested in becoming a docent. Labyrinth guides occasionally meet to continue to unfold this rich spiritual ministry for the community. Newcomers are welcome; come join us! Those interested in learning more about docent training may contact: Lucia Martin at

The ministry leadership team meets via Zoom on the second Monday of each month to discuss ways to expand the ministry.


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