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Our community shares the compassion of prayer with members and beyond. There are two distinct ways to be remembered in prayer within the St. John's community.

Parish Prayer List
When someone becomes ill, is approaching a surgery, or in any kind of need, they are invited to place their name on the Prayer List, which is published each Sunday in the bulletin and in our weekly Blessings e-news. Prayers of thanksgiving are welcome, as well. Prayers may be requested for others with their consent. People on the parish Prayer List are also prayed for at St. John’s weekly Thursday Morning Prayer.  


To have someone included on our Prayer List, you may: contact the Parish Office by phone at 410-461-7793; complete the Prayer List Request Form (link above); or email your prayer request to: PrayerList@stjohnsec.orgNames will remain on the prayer list for 30 days. After the initial 30 days, if you wish to have a name stay on the list, please re-submit your request.

Prayer Chain
The use of technology enables parishioners to pray for people through an established email network. Upon receipt of a prayer request, a leader of the Prayer Chain composes and sends a written prayer to the members of the Prayer Chain, a group of people committed to daily intercessory prayer for those in need. Contact Prayer Chain leaders Tina Millard and Judy Anderson at, to be included in the Prayer Chain or to ask questions.

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