St. John's Transition & Search is Now Complete

Our search process began after the retirement of The Rev. Dr. Carol Pinkham Oak who retired from 30 years of ministry, with the last 10 as the Rector of St. John's. The Rt. Rev. John L. Rabb began his service as the Interim Rector of St. John’s effective May 2, 2016.  John had been serving as Bishop in Residence at St. John's since January of 2011. Our gratitude goes out to John Rabb, our search team co-chairs, the search committee and vestry for their dedicated leadership and discernment during this process. 

Please see below for the running "blog" of updates about the transition and the rector announcement. 


5/25/17.  Rector Announcement

We are most pleased to announce that the Rev. Ann Ritonia has accepted our call to be the next rector of St. John’s.  Rev. Ann is currently serving as the Rector of St. Peter’s Church in Poolesville, MD.  Rev. Ann has experience in large churches, with schools, and is a gifted musician. Rev. Ann will begin her ministry at St. John’s on September 5, 2017 and join us for our One Worship and Parish Carnival on Sunday, September 10.  We are very excited for this next chapter to begin for our community. 

Click here to read Rev. Ann Ritonia's Biography.

5/25/17.  Transition: Search Announcement

St. John's has extended a call to the person who will be our next rector. The Letter of Agreement has been signed by the rector- elect, the senior warden and Bishop Sutton.  Wanting to be sensitive to the fact that two congregations are involved; we will announce to St. John's simultaneous with the announcement to the congregation our rector-elect is currently serving. This is part of leaving well, and we are still on target for a schedule of an announcement of our new rector in early June. We want everyone to understand, and appreciate, the sensitivities here.
Sandy Hornor, Senior Warden
Brad Lieberman, Junior Warden


5/1/17.  We are nearing the completion of our candidate interviews and visits, and in conjunction with the Vestry, are ready to start final discussions to discern the call to our next rector. We are excited that the time for the call is approaching, but are mindful of the seriousness of our task. We are approaching it with careful deliberation and prayerful contemplation. As always, we appreciate your continued prayers and support.

4/2/17.  We are continuing our discernment process, conducting candidate interviews and visits. Based our current status, we are now targeting the formal call to happen in June, a month earlier than originally projected. We appreciate the continued prayers and support of the congregation.
3/10/17.  We currently have three activities going in parallel - telephone interviews, background checks, and visits to candidates in their home parishes. We are also in the process of planning for candidate visits to St. John's. All in all, a very busy time for us. Please keep our committee in your prayers as we perform this very important work for our parish. An updated schedule is posted to the right, and we are currently ahead of that plan. We are optimistic that the formal call will be able to happen sooner than July, as originally projected.

2/26/17.  The committee is continuing to press on with telephone interviews and background reference checks. We have also begun the process of visiting candidates in their home parishes. We had good attendance at the open forum on February 12 during the adult eduation hour, and there were a lot of good questions and dialog. As always, we appreciate your input and feedback. You can always contact us at the email link provided on this page.

1/29/17.  The search committee has been active this past month conducting telephone interviews and also contacting references provided by the candidates. While we cannot comment on any specifics regarding the candidates, we can report that we are on track to our plan. Looking ahead, we will be conducting an open forum on the transition during the adult education hour on Sunday, February 12. We hope to see you there.
1/3/17.  It's been over a month since our last blog  update, but rest assured, the search committee has been very busy! The committee has been meeting regularly, and we've now completed our initial review of the candidates based on their application packages and other source material (such as on-line publications and sermons). We evaluated each candidate using criteria derived from the parish survey and focus groups, indentifying those candidates whose strengths best align with the needs and desires of our congregation. We have now begun the process of reaching out to the candidates for telephone interviews.
11/25/16.  The search committee is meeting regularly (both in person and virtually) to review candidate applications. It's an exciting time, as we begin to focus in on candidates who seem to be an especially good fit for St. John's. As always, we appreciate your continued prayers and encouragement.  
11/6/16.  As of Friday, 11/4, we have formally completed the phase of receiving names. Search committee co-chairs Anna Loomis and Eric Tich met with Canon Wright, our diocesan transition minister, to formally receive the candidates' information, and the search committee is now beginning the process of reviewing the candidates. Over the coming weeks, the committee will be meeting regularly for discussion, and will start the process of conducting interviews. Please understand that for this portion of the process, we must maintain strict confidentiality in accordance with diocesan policy. Committee members will continue to engage and answer your questions regarding the search process, but will not be at liberty to discuss any specifics regarding the candidates. We appreciate your continued prayers and support!

10/15/16.  Even though we have completed our parish-wide survey, the search committee is still looking for your input. We have established a new email address,, where you can provide your comments and feedback. Search committee members are also available for discussion during the Sunday coffee hour, and after most worship services. Look for parishioners wearing a "Search Committee Member" name tag. We look forward to hearing from you!

10/9/16.  The search committee provided a transition update during the adult forum at 10:30 a.m. in ASH. The forum was introduced by Senior Warden, Sandy Hornor, and was hosted by the Search Committee co-chairs, Anna Loomis and Eric Tich. The update included a general overview and status of the search process, and Search Committee member Jack Fyock presented results from the recent community-wide parish survey. The presentation material is available at the link provided to the right. 

10/2/16.  Next Sunday, Oct 9, please attend a transition update at 10:30 a.m. in ASH. We will discuss results and observations from our recent Parish survey, and will provide an update on current progress and next steps in the search process. 

9/22/16.  We are now receiving names for the St. John’s rector position! St. John's is being highlighted at the regional Episcopal Transition Ministry Conference currently underway in Richmond, VA. Interested candidates may now submit their applications to the Diocesan Office of Transition Ministry. We will be receiving names through November 4. We have also published our 2016 Parish Profile.

9/12/16.  The parish wide survey was closed today. We received approximately 430 individual responses. Thanks to everyone who took time to provide their input. 

8/28/16.  The number of survey respondents is now well over 300. You still have time to respond! Just click here. It only takes about 10 minutes. Remember, we are looking for every member of the household age 16 and over to take the survey. We have now completed our first round of focus groups, and are starting the process of compiling and analyzing the data.

8/20/16.  Over 200 people have responded to the survey as of today. If you have not yet responded, please click here to take the survey. Last Sunday, we conducted two focus groups, and there are three more planned for the 21st. The survey and focus-group data will be instrumental in guiding the committee as we continue through the search process.

8/13/16.  The community-wide survey was launched today via email. All parishioners 16 years of age and older are invited to participate. You can respond using either the link in your email invitation, or by clicking here. Those who prefer to fill out a paper survey can obtain one by contacting the church office at 410-461-7793 (M-F, 9 am to 5 pm).

8/6/16.  This past week a transition update mailing went to parishioners from Eric Tich and Anna Loomis, co-chairs of the search committee. Highlights included this summer's focus on guiding the parish through a discernment/self-study process.  Next steps will include an e-mailed survey and focus group discussions.  Click here if you would like to read the letter in full.

7/8/16.  The vestry voted on and approved the co-chairs and members of the search committee for St. John's next Rector.  The members of this team will work together to guide the parish through a process of discernment (including a parish survey and group discussions), to prepare a parish profile, and to interview and evaluate candidates. An upcoming parish-wide mailing will provide further details and outline next steps.


Please keep St. John’s in your prayers as we progress through this time of transition.



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Please click below for more information about the search process.

Warden's Letter Announcing New Rector. Dated June 9, 2017

Transition Schedule with status as of May 1, 2017.

Search Committee Update. Presented at the Adult Forum, October 9, 2016. Includes a summary of data from the recent parish-wide survey.

Parish Profle. Published September 22, 2016.

Community-Wide Parish Survey, Released August 13, 2016. The survey was closed on September 12, 2016.

Transition Update Letter, Dated August 4, 2016 

Outline of the Steps for the Calling of a Rector, From the June 2016 Godsibb publication.



Search Committee Members:

Anne-Cecile Bayne
Dan Beekman (Vestry Liaison)
Ron Buchman
J Dingle
Steve Davey
Cindy Dyer
Susan Fedors
Jack Fyock
Lindsay & Ryan Griswold
Tom Harman
Anna Loomis (Co-Chair)
Peace Okoya
Kathy Rockefeller
Dave Standeven
Eric Tich (Co-Chair)
Marsha Trant