Wednesday in the Fifth Week of Lent, April 5, 2017
Kathy Rockefeller


Scripture for the Day

Once again, the Jews miss Jesus’ message that following him will give them eternal salvation – the ultimate “freedom.”  They try to force his ethereal message into their limited earthly perspective: “What do you mean, free? We were never slaves!” Jesus continues, warning them that sin can become their master, and that it will cost them a place in God’s house. Even when Jesus says he is God’s son, still do not get it, answering that their father is Abraham – their literal, earthly ancestor. Jesus keeps trying to get them to think less literally, but they cannot.

How am I a slave to sin? I think one of my biggest sins is not being willing to listen to what God wants me to do, and drop my own desires to do what God wants. I am a slave to my own selfish desires, and need to work to put God’s will above my own. I also wonder how often I miss God’s point? Surely, I, like the Jews in the passage, am stuck in my human view. When I feel God is distant, perhaps I should try to open my heart to the delivery of a message in ways that I do not expect – ways that are Godlike rather than human – but how?


Last Published: April 3, 2017 6:36 PM