Tuesday in the Fifth Week of Lent, April 4, 2017
Kathy Rockefeller


Scripture for the Day

I am struck by the tension between Jesus as human and Jesus as Son of God. He is clearly fed up with the continued lack of acceptance from the Jews when he says: “Why do I speak to you at all?” His impatience feels familiar, all too human. It is a sentiment I have often had when, in my view, people just cannot get what I am saying.

Yet, just moments later, Jesus says “I am he” and “I do nothing on my own.”  Rather than humanly taking credit for good works, Jesus humbly gives God all the credit for everything he does. This part does not feel like what a human would do because it contains no ego. It feels like Jesus is asking the Jews, and all of us, to look through him to God, the true hero.

Does it really matter whether Jesus was human or God, or some combination? Isn’t it just typical of we humans to get caught up trying to categorize Jesus as one or the other? How often do we miss the bigger point because we are trying to make messages fit our limited perspective? How can we broaden our perspectives and become more open to whatever message God has for us?


Last Published: April 3, 2017 6:35 PM