Tuesday in the Fourth Week of Lent, Mar 28, 2017
David Bunnell


Water Water Everywhere!

Scripture for the Day

Water runs through all of today’s passages.  In Ezekiel we read about living waters that are a source of energy and life.  In Psalms we read that God will stand even if the mountains fall into the raging sea.  Finally, Jesus picks a fight with the authorities by the pools in Bethesda for the crime of healing a sick man on the Sabbath.  The powerful river was more than Ezekiel could cross, the raging waters were enough to make the mountains “tremble”, and Jesus knew well that healing the man at the pools would bring down the power of the authorities that wanted to silence him forever.  It is enough to make even the brave among us to want to seek higher ground.  However, the passages aren’t going to let us off so easily because the higher ground isn’t safe either because the mountains may fall. 

This is terrifying until we read on in the Psalm and realize that “we will not fear though the earth be moved” because “the Lord of hosts is with us” and then the song that we occasionally sing in ASH comes to mind.  “Though the mountains may fall and the hills turn to dust, still the love of the Lord will stand as a shelter to all who will call out his name.”  (If you have some extra time check out this heroic video of the man playing this anthem about the destruction of mountains to the Rocky Mountains at Glacier National Park on his “fiddle”.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9_tUiaEFpc  )

I can be gripped by the drama around me and become overwhelmed by my inability to control it.  It is palpable.  I can feel it in my chest.  This happens because I have a completely inappropriate sense of my ability to control it.  Then Willie Nelson comforts me when he calls to God to “Stand by me - when the storm of life is raging” in his version of the hymn.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWa9VWYHyV4  Willie is right.  I can’t control it but I can ask God to stand by me.  I need to be open to how God is going to use me, or not, while He calms the storm.  In my imagination Jesus is humming this song to himself as he slips back into the Bethesda crowd after healing the sick man because he knows the storms are coming and he also needs God to stand by him.         


Last Published: March 27, 2017 11:13 AM