Thursday in the Third Week of Lent, Mar 23, 2017
Jennifer Wamble


Scripture for the Day

When reading this passage from Psalms, I felt jubilant at first when the psalmist talked about giving praise to the Lord, our Maker, by bowing down and kneeling during worship.  Bowing and kneeling, are ways to humble ourselves when giving thanks to our Lord.  This passage served as a reminder to me of the importance to do so when giving thanks and praise to our Lord, for He is worthy!

This passage also led me to reflect on when we bow and kneel during worship. Usually, many of us kneel and pray when we first get to church and enter our pews. We also kneel during the Confession of Sins, during Communion, and when we return to our seats afterwards, and during the Prayer of Thanksgiving.

In terms of bowing, some of us bow before we enter the pews, at the name of Jesus wherever it appears in the liturgy, when the procession cross passes us, and when the line in the Nicene Creed speaks of Jesus who “for us and for our salvation ... came down from heaven: by the power of the Holy Spirit he became incarnate from the Virgin Mary, and was made man.: is read. Lastly, many people bow at the beginning of the Sanctus.

The tone of this psalm changes abruptly when God becomes the speaker and lets us know that we “shall never enter His kingdom if we let our hearts harden and go astray.” I was a little taken aback by the angriness of God’s words when He said that He had been angry with a generation of folks for forty years who tested and tried Him. 

I know that we serve a very loving, kind,and forgiving God. However, this part of the passage got my attention by reminding me of the consequences that will be given if we disrespect God by questioning His power and authority over our lives.  We will be in God’s good graces if we are thankful and obedient witnesses of Him. In this way, “our hearts will not harden, and we will not become unaware of God’s ways.”


Last Published: March 15, 2017 12:56 PM