Wednesday in the Third Week of Lent, Mar 22, 2017
Joy Sparks


Scripture for the Day


In these Old Testament passages, Moses instructs the nation of Israel on how to have a relationship with God by obeying Him.  Obedience is a requirement in the Old and New Testament to have a relationship with God. As simple a concept as obedience may seem, situations arise in my life when it is difficult to determine if a path or decision to be made is truly one of obedience to God or self-serving to me.  In these situations and on a daily basis, I struggle with how best to live a life of obedience and of service to Christ in decisions that I have to make. 

These passages provide the tools needed to live a life of obedience and service to God.  In the daily Bible readings in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, God chose the people of Israel in order to mold them into a nation to love and worship Him.  Through Moses, God taught Israel his laws and decrees.  Through these laws and decrees, God gave wisdom and understanding, and Israel learned during their wanderings in the wilderness to know and to fear God. Knowing God helps us in our decision-making process of seeking to obey/serve Him.

I was blessed to have an earthly father that I knew, loved, feared and respected.  If I had obeyed and did what I knew to do, I looked forward to his coming home.  If I had not, however, a dreadful anticipation overwhelmed me as I heard the sound of his car door announcing his arrival home.  As a child, I knew what my father expected, because I lived with him, I spent time with him, I talked with him, I listened and learned from him, and he loved and took care of me.  This relationship plays out in numerous stories in the Bible, and is reflective of God’s relationship with the nation of Israel and with us.

The Bible says that we maintain our relationship and live a life of obedience to God by knowing Him.  This is the type of relationship Moses encouraged the children of Israel to have with God.  He exhorted them to listen to and obey God’s laws and decrees, to teach them to their children, and to remember what God had done for them in the past and had promised for the future. 

During this Easter season, we remember the sacrifice that God made by sending Christ over two thousand years ago on our behalf to provide hope for the future.  Just like with an earthly father, we seek to show our love to God by getting to know and obey Him.  We can know God through various ways, including talking to Him in prayer, listening to Him through Bible reading/devotions, and fellowshipping with other Christians.  Like the children of Israel, we are to be mindful of what God has done in the past events of our lives and what He will do in the future as we seek to live a life of obedience.


Last Published: March 15, 2017 1:08 PM