Friday in the Second Week of Lent, Mar 17, 2017
Beth Mackey


Scripture for the Day


Those of us reading in the Bible Challenge will recognize the Gospel reading for today -- the Parable of the Tenants, having read Matthew, Mark and this week Luke's version of the parable.  Do you ever read a parable and wonder what the message is?  This one is pretty obvious -- Jesus is sending a strong message to his elders that he is the "cornerstone".  It's a rather violent image invoked in these verses -- the death of the servants, then more servants, and finally his son.  However the tenants are indeed wicked, and they kill all the servants and the son. In the verses that just follow this reading, the Pharisees and priests are warned that the kingdom of God will not be theirs and they will be crushed -- the Kingdom of God will be given to those who follow Jesus.  The Pharisees and priests got the message -- they didn't need to wonder who was who in this story!   
So now, reading this in today's world, what do we take away? We are asked to consider how we are accepting Jesus in our daily life -- how has following Jesus become our cornerstone?  Is our spiritual life an afterthought, or something that we live and breathe?  This season of Lent is a time to dig deep and think about our faith.  Do we give lip service to our beliefs?  Do we follow with our whole selves?  


Beth Mackey






Last Published: March 17, 2017 12:15 PM