Saturday in the First Week of Lent, Mar 11, 2017
Ellen Moore


Scripture for the Day

I watched my daughter, Sarah, tenderly center Bebe over the open part of a special box I had found quickly for this moment. “Wait!” she said. “Let me make a little space for her – a little round space that she will like.” I didn’t really understand. This was such a momentous occasion that I just stayed silent. We placed the top on the box so the edges of the 18” square pink blanket draped over the sides. She pulled on the pink sateen ribbon and worked with the folds of worn fleece to make it just so. She smelled it and inhaled deep and long. “Bye Bye Bebe. See you in 40 days.” And that was it. In observance of Lent, Sarah had given up her most treasured possession – the one she has slept with and cuddled every single day for nine years. Talk about a sacrifice.


I had asked her to consider giving up YouTube. She had pondered giving up ice cream. She said she wanted to think about it, and I figured whatever she suggested would be just fine. This is her first Lenten observance, so it’s more about the practice than the actual sacrifice. When her small voice pierced the din of the TV and said, “Mom, I think I know what I want to give up for Lent;” I casually replied, “Oh yeah? What?”


“Bebe,” she said.


I barely thought I heard her correctly. Anyone who has had a small child love a special blanket or toy knows what a big decision this was. I was stunned. I tried to act like it wasn’t a big deal. In reality, it was about as close to a perfect sacrifice in her world as it could be.

Last Published: March 9, 2017 4:36 PM