Saturday After Ash Wednesday, March 4, 2017
Rev. Katrina Grusell


Scripture for the Day

A Disciple’s Call

When Jesus encountered the tax collector named Levi and invited him to follow, Levi did not hesitate.  He wasn’t given a strategic plan to consider, no vision statement, nor annotated agenda.  Without even a suggestion of what might unfold in the days ahead, Levi got up and followed Jesus. 

It could be that Levi was just waiting for an excuse to leave his daily grind.  His life--sustained by the graft of a system that encouraged him to skim off the top as he collected imperial taxes--may have disgusted Levi as much as it did the people from whom he collected.  Perhaps he was bored or calloused or felt guilty or even quite satisfied with himself.  Regardless, Levi responded immediately when Jesus called his name.  With no guarantees, he took the first step on a journey of faith.

Jesus’ first disciples were ordinary people called out of ordinary lives into a new way of living.  This new way required of Levi, and all disciples who follow Jesus, a willingness to accept that first invitation—a call to participate in the transforming work of the gospel.  That first step is then followed by another and another on a journey of faith. 

Our journey as disciples shakes complacency and stagnation, and requires a life of intentional engagement.  In my own journey, as an organized planner, I have found that having a vision and life goals inspire me.  However, it is being fully present in daily moments where I find my my purpose and deeper relationship with God and people.  I live in that holy tension of imagining the possibilities of what be, while trying to be fully attentive to moment I am in.  Levi’s call reminds me that the unknown is part of the journey of faith.  We take the steps along the way unsure of how solid the footing might be, incapable of seeing the future, yet certain that each step will by guided by Jesus, the One who accepts us just as we are, then bids us continually forward in transforming love. 


Last Published: March 4, 2017 9:28 AM