Ash Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Rt. Rev. John L. Rabb


Scripture for the Day

We Are Dust to Dust We Shall Return? 

This statement is what we say when imposing ashes, and it stands in stark contrast to everything we are bombarded with from all forms of media; we are ageless, always beautiful, forever successful and without flaws! So then why do so many, and not by any means all church people, stand in line for ashes and  to be told they are but dust? It is because we are desperate to hear that we are indeed human, finite, with flaws, and, not necessarily, so attractive or together. Another we of saying it; we do screw it up and it is liberating to know that is what human persons do. 

At the same time it is out of dust, from the second Creation account in Genesis, that God forms us. We are dust, but God’s dust and in God’s hands. Limited, finite, sinful and capable of screwing it all up; we are nevertheless God’s hands. So let Lent be a season where we find that in spite of being so human, we are also so redeemed!



Last Published: March 1, 2017 11:12 AM