St. John’s Episcopal Church is the spiritual home of 1800 residents of Howard County and the surrounding area. Although the church building and beautiful 14 acre campus speaks of age and tradition, in fact, 75% of our congregation is under 40. In addition, approximately 50% of our members joined St. John's s in the last 10 years...


Why St. John’s? St. John’s is the perfect place for you if:


. . . your family members grew up in different denominations. If you grew up in the Episcopal Church, you’ll find a familiar setting, but if you did not grow up in the Episcopal Church, you’re not alone. 64% of our members grew up in other denominations. We welcome everyone who comes through our doors and hope you find a spiritual home here.


. . . you want to be a part of a church that encourages both spiritual growth and intellectual discussion. We provide Sunday and weekday bible studies, discussions, and classes during Sunday education hour and an annual Lenten series with classes for all ages and interests.

. . . you have a young family and seek a nurturing program for children. Our Sunday School teaches over 350 children, ages three to 10.  A nursery is available for three and under.


. . . your family has teens and young adults. Our Journey to Adulthood program for teens and preteens is one of the largest Episcopal programs in the country, with over 150 teens enrolled. It emphasizes negotiating the adult world with the help of adult mentors. Studies have shown how important it is to have adults other than parents in teens’ lives. Our College Connections program connects 68 college students with 22 adults, keeping college students in touch with their faith-based support network.


. . .  you wish to reach beyond your immediate community and help others in need. Our outreach efforts extend from Howard County to Kenya and provide opportunities for children, teens, and adults. One parishioner might help with a local homeless shelters—another might assist our annual medical mission to Jamaica.


. . .  you wish to help others or receive care and support during life’s difficult times. Pastoral care encompasses everything from meals delivery to cancer support.


. . . you want the option of attending different kinds of services on Sunday or attending a Saturday service. Some love the beauty of worship in our historic church—others enjoy the more casual atmosphere of the contemporary worship service in All Saints Hall. Saturday is another option for those who find it fits their busy schedules. You can choose your manner of worship at St. John’s.


. . . you want to meet new people in our community and have fun! Eat and have fun? Play softball and have fun? Knit and have fun? Get fit and have fun? In addition to many on-campus activities, over 200 parishioners attend Shrine Mont each year in the beautiful mountains of Virginia.


Is there more?

Yes! Please visit our Newcomers Guide to learn more and plan a visit to St. John’s.

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Facts About St. John’s


Number of parishioners: 1735


Percent of parishioners not raised in Episcopal Church: 64%


Children enrolled in Sunday School: 185


Youth enrolled in teen Programs: 150


Students enrolled in St. John’s Parish School: 500


Number of choirs and music ensembles: 6


Number of outreach initiatives: 15


Number of pastoral care programs: 12